Helping People Lead Better Lives  

CHILDLINE UGANDA, as a community based organisation (CBO), was founded in 2009. the organisation is legal and fully registered with the local governement, with a registration number CR/223/03/554. The purpose of the organisation is to support and help people live better and quality lives. Todate, CHILDLINE UGANDA has

supported and reached out to over 350 children (250 HIV positive children, 100 HIV/ AIDS orphans) and 450 HIV positive women within urban and rural communities of Mityana district. The organisation currently operates in one part of Uganda that is the central part of Uganda  in Mityana District. The organization implements activities like health, social-economic security, human rights, education, nutrition, and psychosocial support to these groups in the community


To ensure effective quality service provision unconditionally to the community.” 


OUR MISSION:         
To work with communities and local government to help people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS live a better life.”



Helping people lead better lives.”



  • To  ensure  proper and effective counseling, care and support of children infected with HIV/AIDS and vulnerable ones by year 2015
  • To ensure that there is an improvement in the standards of living among children and adults who are affected with HIV/AIDS by year 2015
  • To ensure that there is an improvement in the stardards of living among people at all community levels by year 2015
  • To lobby international NGOs, Donors,Government and prominet individuals to support all individuals who affected and infected  with HIV/AIDS by year 2015