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Unfortunately at this point we are restricted in how we receive money - BUT we have established a partnership OMPRAKASH FOUNDATION, so now it is possible to receive any money using and through the foundation

Bank to bank transfers:

To make a bank to bank transfer, contact us for the necessary information.

Bank Cheques:

Childline Uganda
Attn: ssenyondo John Bosco
NOTE: Only bank or certified cheques are accepted, we do not accept personal checks.


Money Gram or Western Union

When sending money through Western Union or Money Gram:
Receiver: ssenyondo John Bosco

Destination: Mityana, Uganda
Purpose: Support fees
NOTE: If sent through WU you need to send us a note stating when, how much, test question and answer, and the money transfer control number.

So why give us your hard earned money?

You could buy that nice lamp you have had your eye on (do you really need it?).Or a new pair of shoes (seriously - how many pairs can you wear in a lifetime??)...or a few cups of crazy expensive coffee (seriously???)... A nice lunch out with friends (too many calories)...OR you could...

  • Sponsor a needy child for US$240 per year. (ONLY $20US a month!) 
  • Reduce malaria infection rates of children in need by donating US$5 for one mosquito net. (One crazy expensive coffee!!!) 
  • Sponsor an HIV-positive child to get treatment which costs US$25 per month. (Do we really need to say something for this one...) 
  • Sponsor an HIV-positive woman to get treatment which costs US$50 permonth
  • US$45 feeds a child for an entire school year. (Can you feed your children for that little?) 
  • Keep children warm. A donation of only US$10 can help to buy a blanket for one child. (YES, it gets cold in Uganda) .
  • A donation of US$100 will help two women start an income generating business enabling them to rise up beyond the poverty line. (The cost of a night out with your loved one...) 

(Ok these are more than a pair of shoes...but if you and your friends got together...think of the results!) 

As always, Childline Uganda appreciates any contribution made to our organization, large and small. The above examples are only to give perspective donors an idea of how big of an impact donations make on the lives of the recipients. Also, from mosquito nets to school fees, a picture of a child receiving your donated gift is always a possibility!

Please keep in mind that Childline Uganda runs almost entirely from membership fees and donations, in-kind. With Childline Uganda you can be sure your contribution is making a difference.

How can I be sure that the Childline Uganda is a legitimate organisation?

We are a private, Non Government organisation (NGO) and community based (CBO), based in Mityana, kabale in Uganda. We are listed with the NGO Forum at the district level boards. For more personal references you are welcome to some of the appreciation letters attached and for direct recommendations, our previous volunteers form china, Netherlands, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

Host a dinner/talk for us!

Now why would you want to host a dinner or a stuffy university talk for us when you are there and we are here??? Well if you support our cause, vision, mission, and objectives and you would like to send us a great and much appreciated donation - this makes it easy! Host a dinner, we will send you a power point of the organisation, or a photo slide show of our projects (your choice) so you can show your friends, work co-workers, strangers off the street, fellow students, whom ever...mix the photos with some great food - we can even send you some local dish recipes (if you chose the dinner) and you get instant cash flowing in from your very inspired and satisfied guests. Then all you have to do is send us that donation and we send you really big thanks!!!

Fundraise for Us!

Dinner not your cup of tea - How about this summer you clean out your closets, garage, kids room, and hold a garage/tag/yard sale for us. You sell off all that stuff that has been collecting dust in your basement and we can buy some much needed school/home supplies.

Negotiate a percentage of profits from a local business: Have a local business offer to donate a percentage of its profits on a specified day (e.g. a local Mexican restaurant could donate 2% of its profits on Cinco de Mayio). Promise the business owner you will get as many people as you can to their business on the specified day.

Write letters (for grants and trusts) to local foundations, organisations, friends, billionaires...

Hold a community or school bake sale - get your family and friends involved!

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